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Dpf & Egr Removal


EGR & DPF Solutions


Are you experiencing problems with your EGR valve / DPF ?

Does your vehicle keep going into LIMP mode because of this? 

Or you would like to benefit from one of the following:


​• More Power 
• Better Fuel Efficiency 

• Less Flat Spots 
• Improved Throttle Response 
• Less Maintenance Costs 
• Cleaner Intake System 
• No Effect on MOT (NOx is not tested during a diesel MOT test)

If your answer is yes then we have a solution for you


The ECU is Remapped (Reprogrammed) and the EGR/DPF functions are removed from the ECU software. When remapping the EGR it is electronically programmed to remain closed at all times. This is the most important aspect of the job and it is vital that it’s done correctly.


With DPF's (diesel particulate filters) the same principle occours where we map out the DPF function from the ECU .This then tells the vehicle that there is no DPF fitted to the vehicle preventing the vehicle carrying out regeneration's, putting the vehicle into LIMP mode, or displaying faults on the dash. 


We can also remap the vehicle for better performance and fuel efficiency at the same time.

*Our DPF Removal service is sold for off-road use only. Removal of a DPF will almost invariably make your vehicle illegal for use on a public road. This is not legal advice and if you are unsure if this applies to your vehicle, please seek further advice*

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